Afspeellijst/Playlist Vroeger Was Alles Beter

1. Hey Sherriff – Johnny Rebb & his Rebels – 1958
2. Hey girl hey boy – Oscar McLolly & Jeanette Baker – 1958
3. Rocky road blues – The Shakin’ Arrows – 1981
4. Hey baby – Bill Lawrence – 1958
5. Set him free – Clark Richard – 1965
6. What am I living for – Johnny Preston – 1960
7. unknown – Mike Buckler & Rudy & the Crystals – 196x
8. Shortnin´ bread – Paul Chaplain & his Emeralds – 1960
9. The shape I’m in – Johnny Restivo – 1959
10. Why did you leave me – Hardworkin’ Raoul & the Lazy Boys – 1999
11. Rip it up – Wanda Jackson – 1963
12. Blue days, black nights  – Buddy Holly – 1956
13. Blue days black nights – Go Cat Go – 1992
14. Hot property – Al Willis – 2019
15. Enemy at the gate – Al Willis – 2019
16. You don’t turn me on – Al Willis – 2019
17. I saw a dream walking – Billy Clark – 1958
25. Cash medley – Al & the Black Cats – 2006
18. Spring fever – Vilas Craig & the Kollege Kings – 1959
19. Rock ‘n roll record girl – Johnny & the Roccos – 1982
20. Rocking and rolling – Johnny Jano – 195x
21. Used to be – Jerry King & the Rivertown Ramblers – 2006
22. I’m with you – Sneaky Pete & the Cool Cats – 1996
23. Hot rod Lincoln – Johnny Bond – 1960
24. I just want your love – Wes Bryan – 1959
25. Sunday – The String-A-Longs – 1962

End of the line for Rock-It Radio on December 31, 2018.

Hi Everyone,

Not the best of news.  After 23 years 7 months and 25 days we are announcing the end of the best venture we had ever had….. Rock-it Radio.  I want to personally thank all of you for making Rock-it Radio a wonderful original oldies station.  We just can’t keep it flying for many reasons.  I actually came to this realization on the 18th when funds stopped coming in for the most part.  But even if I continued we wouldn’t last another month anyways.
Last couple of years with my health issues I know we lost several listeners as our shows were coming up sporadic.  Many of our shows are also heard on other internet venues which has watered down our listenership.  A lot of supply and demand principles. Due to passing of many listeners, more similar stations out there and with Pandora as well lots of similar stations and the slices of pie as far as listeners to support Rock-it gets smaller.
My sincere apologies for not being able to continue but I cannot in good conscience.  And even if we wanted to go commercial I don’t think we have the numbers anymore to support charging a advertising fee.  On the 18th we did a full study of now and then.  In 2008 we averaged well over 5000 listeners a day.  Today… Lucky to get 500.I opened up my facebook page by our real name that has listeners from the earlier times from 2009 ….. over 70% have passed away.  Our listeners club of almost 95,000 since the beginning.  Only has a 25% open rate anymore.  The advertising budget is gone, to promote on social media.  A few of the kind donations of jocks have done went to hoping re kindle the Rock-it this month.  I also donated over $300 myself this month on Facebook promotions on Rock-it in hopes to rekindle our online store and programming.  I know it has failed and will still have certain fees remaining for Rock-it carrying over next month.
God Bless you all and I will never forget any of you and Thank you for such a great run!!!!
With love and best wishes to you all,
Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio